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Reach In & Custom Walk-In Closets For Bedrooms

Here at Closets etc., we believe that a closet can be more than just a place to store your clothes. At the heart of a clutter-free and stylish home lies a perfectly designed closet, and that's where we shine!

With years of expertise under our belts, we've mastered the art of crafting walk-in and reach-in custom closets that not only meet your storage needs but also elevate your home’s aesthetic. Get ready to experience the ultimate storage makeover that will make every day feel like a personal shopping adventure right in your bedroom. 

Buckle up, because we’re about to take your bedroom from ho-hum to WOW!

What We Offer: Bedroom With Walk-In Closet & Custom Solutions for Every Home


Reach-In Closet Ideas

Anything but standard. Designed to maximize the storage potential of your space.

Shoe shelving and cubbies

From your treasured sneakers to sky-high heels you swear you’ll wear someday, every pair finds its own place in the spotlight!

Integrated hampers

Not only convenient but also hidden away, ensuring your closet—and your room—stays a sanctuary–and not a laundromat! Bringing simplicity and elegance back to your daily routine.

Custom wardrobes and drawers

Tailored to store, protect, and display your clothes and accessories, these elements are the secret to making even the most extensive collection feel curated.

Maintenance of existing hanging spaces

Through smart design and custom solutions, we ensure your hanging space works harder, smarter, and more beautifully than ever before. Creating harmony between what’s new and what’s already there, giving you the best of both worlds!


Bedroom Walk-In Closet Ideas

Transform your daily routines into moments of luxury.

Tailored configurations to suit any collection size

We design with flexibility in mind, ensuring that no matter how your collection evolves, your space remains perfectly suited to you. Your closet should grow and change with you.

A variety of styles and finishes for a personalized touch

We provide you with an extensive range of styles and finishes, from the sleek and modern to the classic and timeless. Whether you want a closet that feels like stepping into a high-end boutique, or perhaps a cozy, wood-paneled space that reflects your love for the classics? We've got you!

Organizational accessories to fit every need, from islands to custom cabinetry

All are designed to make keeping track of your wardrobe truly effortless. Dreaming of an island in the center of your closet for additional storage and a surface to plan your outfits? Consider it done. How about custom cabinetry that displays your shoe collection or keeps all your accessories at your fingertips? Say no more!


Bedroom Furniture

Full-length wardrobes for additional hanging space

Designed to complement your room's aesthetics, these offer additional hanging space, ensuring that from your floor-sweeping gowns to your crisp suits, every item is displayed with care and pride.

Drawer units and make-up tables

With options to customize compartments, materials, and finishes, your morning prep will feel less like a chore and more like an indulgence in self-care–surrounded by beauty and order!

Storage benches and entertainment centers

Our storage benches can provide you with a cozy spot to relax, a stylish accent to your decor, and, importantly, hidden storage for extra throws, pillows, or even books. Our custom entertainment centers ensure that all your tech gadgets, from TVs to sound systems, are integrated seamlessly into your bedroom’s design.

Plus, each project starts with your vision. Space, budget, or your personal preferences and collection size, we tailor these solutions to meet your exact needs!

How We Can Help You: Tailored Custom Walk-In Closet Design Process

A Conversation

We’ll schedule a time to visit your home or office for an in-depth conversation with you about your storage project.

Typically, these conversations are 45 minutes long; and during this time we’ll discuss:

  • Your specific storage needs

  • Any concerns you have specific to your existing closet or storage space

  • Your design aesthetics and requirements

  • Your budget and timeline

A Review of Your Project Specifications

We’ll take precise measurements of the space in question, and talk with you about your specific project requirements. We’ll also show you a wide variety of finishes, hardware, and accessory options we offer. Our recommendations will be based on your project needs, design tastes, and budget.

A Project Proposal with Detailed Drawings

Finally, we’ll take all the information gathered during our conversation to create our design recommendations and project quotes.

You’ll also receive a detailed drawing of our design proposal that will reflect the budget you’ve allocated and incorporate the aesthetic choices you’ve made for your new or updated storage space.

And we’ll do all of this FREE of charge.


Choose Us

5-Year Limited Warranty

Customer satisfaction has been our number one goal, since the moment we started in 1987.


As a family-owned company, we pride ourselves on offering personalized service, outstanding designs, and quality products.

Design and Installation Specialists

We’re a dedicated team of professionals who will oversee every aspect of your project from start to finish.

Ready to Transform Your Walk-In Closet Custom Design?

If you’re ready to explore the endless possibilities of custom closets, we’re here to make your dreams a reality. Complete our form, reach out to us at (866)-642-1705, or email us to start your transformation. Discover why homeowners across Rhode Island and Connecticut choose Closets etc. for their custom closet and storage needs.

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