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Custom Closets & Organization for Kids’ Rooms

Here at Closets etc., we understand that kids are terrific, but boy do they have a lot of stuff!

From their first storybooks to the endless array of toys, games, and school supplies, keeping it all organized seems like a never-ending battle!  Luckily we have great solutions to reduce the clutter to keep them (and you) organized.

We've been turning chaos into order for over 30 years, serving families in Rhode Island and Connecticut with custom-designed closets and storage solutions that make room for growth, creativity–and easy clean-ups! Get ready to meet the game-changer your family's life has been waiting for!

What We Offer: Storage Ideas for Kids’ Closets

Bookshelves & Bookcases

Designed to accommodate all their books of all shapes and sizes, these ensure that from the tiniest board book to the heftiest hardback, there's a way to display their growing library and encourage a lifelong love of reading. How about a cozy corner where your little reader can easily find their favorite book to read?

Desks & Drawers

Perfect headquarters for your young artist or scholar. These provide a dedicated spot for their painting, drawing, homework, and projects! And with drawers designed to store all their supplies, from crayons to calculators, you can create a clutter-free environment for them.

Hanging Boards

Perfect for showcasing everything! Yes, everything–from the proud handprint painting to gold-star homework, these can transform any room into its very own personal art exhibit. Plus, they also serve as an excellent tool for organizing weekly activities, making sure your little ones know what exciting adventures each day holds.

Media Cabinets

Designed with both safety and style in mind, these ensure that their tablets, gaming consoles, and all their accompanying wires and accessories are stored away neatly, reducing clutter and encouraging a tidier room. This way, your kid's digital universe is also contained in a sleek space that complements the playful décor of their room.



From their championship trophy to their seashell collection from your last beach holiday, every item gets its moment in the spotlight here. Plus, it is also customizable to fit any space and style, showcasing your child’s interests and collections!

Storage Cubbies

Designed with playful aesthetics and durable materials, these bins cater to everything from their plushies awaiting their next hug, to their favorite paint brushes dreaming of the next masterpiece. Allow your kids to easily find their favorite playthings and, more importantly–learn the joy of putting them away!

Study Nooks

A cozy corner for their concentration & comfort.

This is where homework becomes less of a battle and more of an adventure! A personal haven where stories are written, science is discovered, and dreams are sketched out in crayon and pencil alike! We can design the perfect desk/work table for every activity!


Our Tailored Design Process

A Conversation

We’ll schedule a time to visit your home or office for an in-depth conversation with you about your storage project.

Typically, these conversations are 45 minutes long; and during this time we’ll discuss:

  • Your specific storage needs

  • Any concerns you have specific to your existing closet or storage space

  • Your design aesthetics and requirements

  • Your budget and timeline

A Review of Your Project Specifications

We’ll take precise measurements of the space in question, and talk with you about your specific project requirements. We’ll also show you a wide variety of finish, hardware, and accessories options we offer. Our recommendations will be based on your project needs, design tastes, and budget.

A Project Proposal with Detailed Drawings

Finally, we’ll take all the information gathered during our conversation to create our design recommendations and a project quote.

You’ll also receive a detailed drawing of our design proposal that will reflect the budget you’ve allocated and incorporate the aesthetic choices you’ve made for your new or updated storage space.

And we’ll do all of this FREE of charge.


Why Choose Us

5-Year Limited Warranty

Customer satisfaction is our goal, making you happy has been our jam since way back in '87.


As a family-owned company, we pride ourselves on offering personalized service, outstanding designs, and quality products.

Design and Installation Specialists

We’re a dedicated team of professionals who will oversee every aspect of your project from start to finish. No hand-offs, no runarounds – just us, fully tuned into making your dream space a reality from start to glorious finish.

Ready for a Clutter-Free Kids’ Rooms Storage Solutions?

Let's start creating a space that your child will love and that will make your life easier. Call us at (866)-642-1705 or email us to schedule your FREE design consultation.

Don't Wait to Organize Their Space!

No matter what stage of childhood your child is in, we have the perfect solution to meet their evolving needs.

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