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Custom Storage for Laundry Rooms, Linen & Pantry Closets

These are three of the most important storage areas in a home. When designed properly, they will keep households running smoothly.


Our custom pantry closet designs are highly functional and can feature more elaborate storage options like:

  • Wine racks

  • Fabricated work surfaces

  • Hutches for appliance storage

  • Wire baskets for produce, snack items, recycling, etc.

  • Roll-out shelves for heavy items

  • Vertical dividers for platters and boards

  • Adjustable shelving

We can also custom design and build butler’s pantries to create additional set-up space for in-home parties and celebrations. It also provides storage for infrequently used kitchen items like oversized pots and pans, specialized small appliances, extra platters, glassware, silverware, and more.

Pantries are an essential feature to a kitchen and can help with organization. We can work with you to figure out what closet pantry style is best for your home and how you want to design it.

Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms, large and small, can be outfitted to maximize the space utilizing:

  • Laundry room tables

  • Folding tables

  • Built-in hampers (ours or your own)

  • Shelving, closed and/or open

  • Ironing boards

Whatever your needs, our designers can find the solution. Once again, our decades of design experience allow Closets etc. to build the perfect storage system for a highly variable and personalized space. Having a custom laundry room is beneficial because it keeps laundry and supplies organized in one spot. This helps keep the household running smoothly.


Linen Closets

We have a variety of designs and accessories for linen/bathroom closets, including:

  • Linen closets with built-in hampers

  • Convenient pull-outs for bathroom supplies

  • Closed cabinets with plenty of sturdy shelving for storing towels and linens

There is always a need for more storage and organization. Designing and accessorizing your linen closet will help with that. Linen closets allow you to store your towels, sheets, and linens all in one spot. This is benefiting because it saves you time putting away laundry and makes it easier to find items. Closets etc. can help design a linen closet that is best for you and your home.

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