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Custom Storage for Living Rooms, Family Rooms & Dens

Our storage solutions for the public areas of a home offer the look and feel of custom furniture – but without the high cost.
Entertainment centers accommodate monitors, DVDs, gaming consoles and controllers, and any other media and audiovisual hardware you may have. We can also work with audio/visual firms and contractors to incorporate sound systems into any of our storage solutions.
Our storage systems can be designed to:
  • Hide unsightly connectors for TVs and peripheral devices.

  • Fit precisely into any space for seamless integration into your living areas.

Cabinets and bookcases can be built at varying depths and heights and can be finished with glass doors, crown molding, and simple or fancy baseboards. There are also a variety of finishes to choose from including 22 melamine finishes (from solid to wood-grain and textured surfaces) as well as solid wood and wood veneers that can match existing furniture.

Built-Ins & Bookcases

From custom bookcases to specialized built-in cabinets and benches, we have the experience to create storage to accommodate a variety of hobbies as well as business needs consistent with your decor.

Living Room & Media Centers

Custom bookcases, cabinets, and shelving eliminate clutter and create an attractive hub for books, memorabilia, media, audiovisual equipment and the like.

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