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Reach-In Closets

Basic Reach-In Closet


Two people could easily share this closet with ample upper and lower hanging racks for shirts and pants, a high center shelf that can hold two stacks of folded sweaters, and a hanging rack for longer items like coats or dresses.


  • Double hanging racks (upper & lower) totaling 7 feet

  • 2.25 feet foot long center hanging rack for long items

  • One storage shelf

  • 7 feet of continuous storage space at the top of the unit


Upgraded Reach-In Closet


This closet configuration includes a center shelving unit for folded items or storage boxes and a variety of upper and lower hanging options. The lower shelves could also be configured to be shoe racks instead.


A central shelving unit with 6 shelves total. Each shelf can hold two stacks of folded sweaters. If you’re a shoe lover (the lower shelves can be converted to shoe racks for convenient storage)

  • Double hanging racks (upper & lower) totaling 7’4”

  • 1 foot wide hanging rack for longer items

  • 2 foot wide shelves for storage

  • 7 feet of continuous storage at the very top of the unit


Premium Reach-In Closet


This configuration maximizes space in a standard closet by providing a variety of storage options. It features multiple hanging racks and a center console that includes drawers and shelving.


  • 1 foot of long hanging racks

  • 1 storage shelf

  • Double hanging rack space totaling 7’ 4” in total hanging space

  • A center console that includes three shelves

  • 1 drawer unit that has two narrow, and two standard height drawers

Walk-In Closets

Basic Walk-In Closet


For a modest but spacious walk-in closet, consider this configuration that contains two banks of upper and lower hanging racks and ample shelving for storage.​


  • Side-by-side shelving units with six shelves each that can store two stacks of folded sweaters

  • Upper and lower hanging racks (9’ total feet of space)

  • A 2 foot wide unit for hanging long items that also includes one storage shelf

  • 13.7 feet of double hanging racks (upper & lower)

  • Additional storage at top of each unit

Upgraded Walk-In Closet


This spacious set-up provides a variety of storage options with two lengths of upper and lower hanging racks, shelving, and a central storage unit with shelving above and drawers below.


  • Two drawer units with three  shelves each that can accommodate two stacks of folded sweaters; below there are two shallower and two deeper drawers.

  • Dual upper and lower hanging racks (a total of 13.7’ of hanging space)

  • A  2 foot unit of long hanging and one shelf

  • Two sets of 6 cubbies for additional folded items, handbags, etc.

  • Shelf above all units for additional storage

Premium Walk-In Closet


This elegant example incorporates two radial corner units and features full-length storage and hanging units, and a storage module with dual cabinets and drawer units.


  • Dual drawer units with 4 drawers each below (two narrow and two standard) and three shelves each above behind double doors. Each shelf accommodates two stacks of folded sweaters

  • Two radial shelving units with 6 shelves in each (3 stacks of sweaters per shelf) and/or shoe shelving).

  • 5.4 feet of upper and lower hanging racks

  • 2 feet long hanging with one shelf

  • Continuous shelf at the top of units for additional storage

  • The full-length units feature a toe-kick.

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