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Melamine Finishes

We offer a diverse range of melamine materials, including solid colors with both smooth and textured finishes. Additionally, we provide paint-grade veneers and the option for custom-made solid wood cabinetry.

Our melamine selection is categorized into five levels, each representing a different cost point. Level 1 is the most budget-friendly, while Level 5 is the most premium. Regardless of the level you choose, the core material, thickness, durability, availability, and maintenance requirements remain consistent.

Currently, we have 17 finishes available for you to choose from:

NOTE: Due to the variance in monitors, the on-screen colors of the samples that follow may be slightly different than the color of the actual material samples our Design Consultant will share with you during your free design consultation.

View Choices:

Level 1 – Solid Color

White is our most popular color and the most economical choice of all the finishes we offer.

Level 2 – Solid Color

Choose from these other standard colors for our non-textured melamine finishes.

Level 3 – Wood Grain

Wood grain melamine provides a high-end look at a fraction of the cost of solid wood.

Level 3 – Wood GrainLevel 4 – Textured Melamine

Popular colors for our textured melamine finishes that have the feel of a wood shelf.

Level 5 – Premium “Touch of Wood”

These textured melamine finishes not only come in attractive colors, they look and feel like solid wood. As with our other finishes, they are easy to keep spotless and are highly durable.