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Our Team

Sophia Karvunis

Co-Owner | Design consultant

Co-owner of Closets etc., Sophia has been a design consultant since 2007, specializing in custom storage and organization solutions for residential and commercial clients in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. She also puts all jobs into production. Personal experience informs Sophia’s design work. She has moved numerous times with her family over the past 30 years, so she has intimate knowledge about the importance of functional, well-designed storage solutions for managing busy households. Sophia also has almost 20 years of experience as a real estate agent, so she also knows how well-designed storage and closet systems can significantly increase a home’s value. Personalized service is her trademark, and Sophia works closely with all her clients, listening to their needs to develop the best possible solution for their storage project. Her personal motto is: Any space can be improved, no matter the size or shape!

Gary Spink

General Manager | Design consultant

Gary joined the Closet etc. team in 2007. He is the General Manager and a design consultant. Based in Connecticut, Gary has thorough knowledge of the storage and organization industry, knowledge that he puts to use in every project he manages. In his role as General Manager, Gary is involved in every aspect of each storage project: ordering materials, and scheduling and overseeing the work of the installation team. Straightforward and honest, Gary strives to give excellent, personalized service while also ensuring customers receive well-designed, functional storage and organization solutions at a fair price.


Gero Meyersiek

Co-Owner | technology & business operations

Co-Owner | technology & business operations

Gero brings years of business acumen to the company. In 2007 Gero and Sophia bought the business from the previous owner, who had been in business since 1987. Prior to taking over Closets etc., Gero built a career in finance, working for global corporations and private equity firms. In addition to a BS in Math and Physics and an MBA, Gero  also earned a doctorate in applied math. He is a whiz at computers, and has developed a sophisticated system for tracking customer data (design information, storage systems and configurations, parts, etc.) to provide best-in-class service to each client. The efficiency of this system allows Closets etc. to pass on savings to customers, which make Closets etc. competitive with their much larger competitors.

Samantha Smith

Marketing Manager | Design Consultant

As the marketing manager for Closets etc., Samantha oversees online marketing efforts, including managing social media presence on Facebook and on the design site, Houzz. She brings years of social media marketing experience to the firm. Samantha owns a small business herself, so she understands the importance of connecting with customers online. And as the daughter of co-owners Gero and Sophia, Samantha shares in their desire to make sure customers always receive first-in-class personal service.

Our Installers

CONSTRUCTION | product installation

Closets etc. has a team of highly skilled and experienced installers with decades of combined experience in the construction/closet installation industry. In addition to their technical skills, our installers have experience in all aspects of closet construction, everything from inspecting materials to overseeing the final details of a project. We receive high praise from our clients on Angie’s List and Houzz, especially with respect to the professional and courteous service provided by our installation team. When they work in a client’s home, they leave little trace they’ve been there other than the closet or storage system they’ve newly installed. Prior to starting, work areas are covered with drop cloths to protect flooring and furniture, and when the work is done, floors are swept, and surfaces are wiped down. Everyone loves our installers!


Over the years, Closets etc. has been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades that are a tribute to our dedication to providing excellent customer service in all aspects of every project.

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