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Having personally built a house from the ground up, and undertaking at least 4 renovations in other homes, I have experienced a fair amount of construction. The first thing you learn during the process is to hire the right person for the job. You aren’t going to hire a roofer to tile your bathroom or a painter to build the walls! As closet specialists, we will design the best solution for your storage spaces based on our years of experience. 

The comment we hear most often from our customers after installation is that they wish that they had had their closet done sooner. They can’t believe what a difference the customized cabinetry has made in their homes.

Oftentimes, our customers have previously tried the do-it-yourself method and have been dissatisfied with the result. Just like any other occupation, when you have the experience, you can more easily know what solution is going to be best. We have designed thousands of closets over the years and can see the best solution for any layout. 

Where you see obstacles, we see possibilities.

Designing a Typical Bedroom Closet

When looking at a typical bedroom closet with only a rod and top shelf, the closet space cannot be fully utilized or organized. The homeowner may have divided the closet into a section for long items and then a section for shorter hanging, meaning that the space below the short hang is wasted or random articles have been piled up to fill the space. 

The first thing that we do is to look for a way to maximize the space – a designated area for long garments and designated areas for double hanging. This automatically doubles the storage space in the double hang area. That extra space can now be used for drawers, shelves for folded items, and/or shoe shelving, to name a few. We have a variety of accessories that can be added to our designs based on our customers’ specific needs.

Taking stock of what is needed in the individual closets is one of our areas of expertise. By defining what each person needs, we can design efficient storage for each user. Whether you have your own closet or are sharing with your partner, we can customize each portion of the closet, creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing result. 

By listening and understanding our customers, we design the very best solution for their closets, pantries, laundry rooms, offices, and any other storage area in the home. 

Watch for our next blog post which will explore the accessories that we can incorporate into your design!

Ready to get started? Reach out today for your complimentary consultation.

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