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Top 12 Universal Design Principles for Custom Closets

At Closets etc., we create personalized storage solutions tailored to your unique lifestyle. 

Whether you're a busy parent, a dynamic professional, or need special accessibility, our custom closets are designed to grow and evolve with you.

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter closets and hello to customized storage solutions that truly fit your lifestyle!

Closet Designs Focused on Your Unique Needs

The power of universal design isn't just about trendy aesthetics (well, a gorgeous closet never hurts!). 

It’s about considering details like height, reach, and mobility to ensure everyone can use it comfortably, from kids to seniors and for years to come.

Our Closets etc. team is all about this philosophy, and we ensure every custom closet we design embraces universal design principles.

Movable shelves and drawers make organizing a breeze, letting you customize your storage space like a pro. 

Need to hang a ball gown next to your jeans? 

Adjustable hanging rods cover all your needs, adapting to fit any clothing length and making the most of your closet space. And let's not forget modular units, which can also be set up in various ways to suit your storage needs, offering a flexible solution for any room!

Simple and Intuitive Custom Closets

Your custom closet should be easy to use. Simple, straightforward designs and clear organization are your go-to here.

To keep things organized, ensure all items are clearly labeled so you can find them easily. Open shelving keeps everything in sight and within reach, saving you time. Also, try installing pull-out baskets to make the most of your storage space and easily access items you often use.

Closet Lightning

Ensure everyone can easily see the important stuff in your closet, like adding visual cues, using contrasting colors, and setting up good lighting to boost visibility. 

LED lighting is a great energy-efficient option, offering bright, long-lasting light. Plus, using contrasting colors for different sections helps you easily differentiate areas. We can work with you and your electrician to ensure visibility.

Closet Safety 

Designing with error tolerance in mind means creating a closet that minimizes risks and reduces the impact of accidental actions.

For instance, soft-close drawers close gently and quietly, stopping slamming and making the hardware last longer. Plus, rounded edges on shelving reduce injury risks and give your space that sleek, modern vibe. 

And for added safety? Slip-resistant flooring offers that extra grip!

Low Physical Effort

Closets should scream effortless accessibility, like grabbing your favorite sweater a breeze--no matter your physical prowess. Goodbye to the closet shuffle, and hello to easy access!

Roll-out shelves and drawers are great for easy access to your stuff. Plus, lightweight materials are also easy to install and move around.

Size and Space for Custom Closet

Ensure there's enough space for everyone to move around, reach, and use things comfortably.

Wide pathways provide spacious walkways, making it easy for people using wheelchairs or walkers to move around. Lowered clothing rods are set at a height that’s easy to reach for anyone who struggles with higher placements. 

Then, we have accessible storage bins that are within easy reach for those with limited mobility, ensuring convenience and independence.

Reachability of Custom Closets

Again, arrange your closet so everything you need is within easy reach.

Adjustable hanging rods let you easily tweak the height of your clothes to fit your needs. Plus, pull-down racks in closets with enough depth make grabbing those hard-to-reach items a breeze with just a quick pull. 


Spot everything easily, save time, and boost your closet's usability game!

Heavy-duty pull-out baskets are great because they keep everything visible and easy to access, so you can find what you need quickly. 

Well-placed lighting helps you see better and makes any space feel more welcoming. Plus, adding mirrors to reflect light really boosts natural light, making rooms look bigger and brighter.


A well-organized walk-in closet solution makes it easier for everyone to keep things tidy and find what they need. With labeled compartments, you can easily find and organize your items. 

Dedicated sections for shoes, accessories, and clothes keep everything neatly separated, while custom drawer dividers let you adjust and fit your specific storage needs seamlessly.

Closet Durability

Go for built-to-last materials and top-notch construction to ensure your closet's durability. Not only will it last longer, but it'll also be safer and more reliable.

For example, sturdy shelving that can handle heavy loads provides reliable storage for any room, and high-quality hardware ensures it lasts long and works smoothly. Also, durable finishes that resist wear and tear make these products look great and hold up well over time.

Future-Proofing Your Closet

Plan ahead and design your closet to adapt to your future needs. Expandable modules let you easily tweak and add to fit your growing needs. 

And with extra shelving space, there's plenty of room for storage and organization. You can also enjoy versatile layout options to customize the setup for different room sizes and preferences.

Pro Tip: Design Your Custom Closet with Experts

Designing a custom closet with universal principles is an investment in functionality and inclusivity. And with Closets etc., our experienced designers will work closely with you to create a personalized and adaptable closet that meets your unique needs and lifestyle, now and in the future.

So why settle for a one-size-fits-all closet when you can have one custom-made just for you?

Call us at (866)-642-1705 or email us to schedule your FREE design consultation.

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